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Academic Achievement

I will work to...

  • Retain excellent teachers, staff, and administration.

  • Approve appropriate and proven curriculum for all students.

  • Give the community a top educational option so families can confidently put their children in our public schools.

  • Provide quality education to ensure our business community has strong candidates for future employment.

  • Remove unnecessary resources and programs that do not focus on core education.

Fiscal Responsibility

I will work to...

  • Ensure budget funds are used to promote academic achievement.

  • Supply classrooms with the necessary educational equipment.

  • Continue to ensure that teachers and support staff are appropriately compensated.

  • Better educate the community on the expenses of the district.

Safety and Security

I will work to...

  • Ensure safety and security are priorities on every campus in SUSD.

  • Support student discipline when necessary.

  • Invest in training for teachers and staff to protect our students, themselves, and their classrooms.

  • Advocate for strong communication between SUSD and parents when safety issues arise.

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